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Office hours

Office hours are currently being held virtually. To access, contact the Clinical Research Support Center (CRSC) at 612-625-4000 or

Tuesdays: 1pm-3pm
Thursdays: 10am-12pm

For MCC members

Mondays: 4pm-5pm
Wednesdays: 10am-11am

Consult with an expert

To schedule a consultation with one of our statisticians, contact:

Melissa Hansen
Research Navigator
612-625-CTSI (2874)

The Biostatistical Design and Analysis Center (BDAC) provides statistical and data management support, from study design to final analysis and publication of results.

The Masonic Cancer Center (MCC) Biostat Core is integrated into BDAC, and the two domains work together as an integrated team. 

BDAC support and collaboration

Grant proposal preparation

All pre-award consultation must be initiated 30 days or more before the internal due date of the application. Investigators are encouraged to contact BDAC early in the grant preparation process.

  • Study design consultation and evaluation
  • Sample size and power calculations
  • Writing statistical analysis section for grant proposal
  • Review and edits of grant proposal revisions

Note: No charge to University of Minnesota researchers for grant proposal preparation if BDAC personnel are written into the grant for reasonable levels of support.

Data management

  • Database dictionary and documentation
  • Design of web-based interface for data entry
  • Assistance with REDCap set up
  • Quality control programs to monitor data integrity
  • Data and safety monitoring reports for DSMB/DMC review
  • Integration of data from various sources
  • Database backup
  • Data extraction for analysis

Statistical analysis

  • Protocol development and review
  • Clinical trial monitoring and interim analyses for DSMB/DMC review
  • Data analysis as specified in the study protocol
  • Tables, graphs and summarization of analysis results
  • Interpretation of analysis results
  • Additional exploratory analyses as determined by the research team

Manuscript preparation and review

  • Review of statistical analysis results
  • Writing the statistical methods and contributing to the results and discussion sections
  • Edits and review of manuscript
  • Responses to reviewer comments and questions

Note: Regardless of funding source, BDAC biostatisticians are typically included as co-authors on manuscripts if they have participated in study design, analysis, or manuscript preparation for a project. This policy is consistent with the ICMJE requirements for authorship.

Funding BDAC support and collaboration

There are three methods available for funding BDAC support:

Personnel are written into a grant

Personnel are written into a grant

Projects may be funded by writing personnel from BDAC or the MCC Biostat Core into a grant for reasonable levels of support. 

When BDAC personnel are written into a grant for salary support, the Principal Investigator must include CTSI representatives as approvers on the Proposal Routing Forms (PRFs). The PRF routing chain should include John Connett (, BDAC director), Tucker LeBien (, AHC Associate Vice President for Research), and Pat Mann (CTSI Finance Manager). Additionally, when the assigned statistician is also a faculty member in the School of Public Health (Kyle Rudser, David Vock or Weihua Guan), please contact Linda Zenner at for information about the PRF routing chain.

For the MCC Biostat Core, the PRF routing chain for staff includes Doug Yee at and Andrea Johnson at When the assigned statistician is also a faculty member, please contact Linda Zenner at in addition to Dr. Yee and Andrea Johnson.

Departmental funding

Departmental funding

Another method is for departments to provide funding for ongoing statistical support of projects.

Current departments with funding for BDAC support include: Department of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics, Department of Family Medicine and Community Health, Department of Radiology, Department of Otolaryngology, College of Pharmacy, School of Dentistry, Department of Dermatology, the Department of Surgery - Transplantation Division, Laboratory Medicine and Pathology Department, and the Department of Ophthalmology & Visual Neurosciences.

Current departments with funding for the MCC Biostat Core include: Blood and Marrow Transplantation and Gynecologic Oncology.

Hourly rates

Hourly rates

Hourly rates are billed monthly for projects without grant funding or for grants that do not include support for BDAC personnel. For non-U of M clients, rates are negotiated separately.

Current Internal Rates
Research Assistant, $62.00
Statistician/Programmer, $103.00
Faculty, $125.00

Current External Rates
Research Assistant, NA
Statistician/Programmer, $200.00
Faculty, $200.00

Current Community Partner Rates
Research Assistant, $78.00
Statistician/Programmer, $130.00
Faculty, $156.00