Mentor Training

Online Learning Modules

CTSI and its collaborating partners have developed a series of self-paced, online, professional development modules designed to prepare faculty from a range of disciplines to be effective research mentors.

These modules are currently available at no charge to people affiliated with the University of Minnesota and external users who create a guest account with the University. Please download the registration guide for instructions on how to access these modules via the University's Training Hub.

External User Registration Guide

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(Updated August 2019)

This module defines different types of mentoring models that are applied in research settings, summarizes the roles and responsibilities of research mentors, outlines steps for navigating the core phases of a mentoring relationship, and offers strategies for supporting mentees' intellectual, professional, and psychosocial development. Learners also engage in online activities designed to help them address specific mentoring challenges. 

If you registered for the original version of OPM (before launch of the updated version on August 19, 2019), you will need to re-register using the new system.

This adaptation of the original OPM module includes content and activities specifically tailored to mentors who are working with research trainees at the undergraduate level.

Enhancing Motivation Using the CARES Mentoring Model 

This module describes a theoretically-driven approach to mentoring that focuses on attending to the core psychological needs that enhance a mentee’s motivation. The course covers basic motivation concepts and their well-researched impact on mentees' satisfaction, performance, and persistence in educational and professional settings. Learners explore strategies for putting the model’s principles into action with their mentees.