Human Research Training Tool

A Human Research Training tool was recently launched exclusively for University of Minnesota clinical research professionals who work with human participants, and their supervisors to help them identify and maintain the appropriate training, certification, credentials, and immunizations required to perform research with human participants. 

The flexible platform was developed by CTSI and is supported through its Clinical and Translational Science Award from the National Institutes of Health.


Your customized training plan

Clinical Research Professionals can create their customized training plan in two easy steps:

First, create a training Roadmap when you access the site for the first time.

The secure, interactive mapping tool prescribes a curriculum of required and optional human research training courses customized specifically to you. Training is prescribed based on questions you answer about your University position, your research role, the research tasks for which you are responsible, and the research studies you are involved in.  

If you have multiple research-related roles and responsibilities at the University of Minnesota, you’ll want to create a training Roadmap for each role.

Next, view your customized curriculum of required and supplemental human research training in “My Training”.

The courses listed in “My Training” are coded red, yellow and green. Red indicates you are out of compliance or need to complete a training program. Yellow means that an attendance record is not tracked for a specific course. Green indicates you have completed and are up-to-date on a course. Work to remain in compliance with all prescribed courses, certifications and immunizations.

You also can upload your own immunization and certification documents.

Capabilities for supervisors

Clinical research professionals’ supervisors and managers also can use the tool to help manage their research team’s training portfolio. The tool shows supervisors their direct reports’ training courses and credential history. Additionally, supervisors can proxy one of their direct reports, if needed.


Contact with questions.

What's ahead

Availability for broad use by Academic Health Center faculty researchers and students is anticipated in 2018.