Clinical Research Professionals


CTSI offers continuing education and networking programs for clinical research coordinators, nurses, project managers, regulatory experts, and other staff involved in clinical research.

Training programs are based on research core competencies

Seminar series

The Clinical Research Professional Development Seminar Series is a bi-weekly seminar series for clinical research professionals at the University of Minnesota. Attendees learn about current regulations, best practices, resources, and guidelines pertaining to clinical research at the University, and can network with others. CME Continuing Education Credit Hours are awarded for the seminar series. 


The Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) Training program trains coordinators who support primary investigators and teams that conduct research with human subjects. The comprehensive online training program helps ensure quality research practices while creating a career development pathway for CRCs. 

Job board

  • Clinical and Translational Science Institute job postings

  • University of Minnesota job postings: Go to the U of M job site and search for the job number to view the following postings:
    • Research Assistant - Psychiatry (Job Opening 315529)
    • Research Professional 1 - Medicinal Chemistry (CCRB) (Job Opening 305123)
    • Research Professional 1 - General Internal Medicine (Job Opening 311245)
    • Research Professional 2 - General Internal Medicine (Job Opening 311327)
    • Youth and AIDS Projects - Case Manager - Infectious Diseases (Job Opening 314124)
    • Research Coordinator - Psychiatry (Job Opening 315220)
    • Clinical Research Coordinator - Pediatrics Nephrology (Job Opening 315533)
    • Study Therapist - Department of Psychiatry (Job Opening 315346)
    • Research Professional 2 - Veteran’s Adm Medical Center (Job Opening 315406)
    • Clinical Research Coordinator - Pediatrics (Job Opening 312708)
    • Research Professional 2 - General Internal Medicine (Job Opening 311327)
    • Clinical Study Coordinator - Research Professional 2 - Surgery Transplant Info Services (Job Opening 314978)
    • Research Professional 2 - Intervention Support Coordinator - Veteran’s Adm Medical Center (Job Opening 314084)
    • Clinical Study Coordinator - Research Professional 2 (Part Time) - Surgery Transplant Info Services (Job Opening 315063)
    • Regulatory Specialist - Clinical Trials Office (Job Opening 314627)
    • Research Professional 3 - Pediatrics Hematology (Job Opening 314250)
    • Clinical Research Coordinator - Pediatrics Hematology (Job Opening 314267)
    • Researcher 3: Cryo-EM Processing Scientist - Hormel Institute (Job Opening 314248)
    • Research Professional 3 - LMP Administration (Job Opening 314206)
    • Clinical Research Coordinator - OBGYN Gynecologic Oncology (Job Opening 315502)
    • Research Professional 3 - Minneapolis Site Coordinator - Veterans Adm Medical Center (Job Opening 315551)
    • Research Nurse - Neurology (Job Opening 314437)
    • Oncology Clinical Research Nurse - Clinical Trials Office (Job Opening 314955)
  • Other job sites:

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