KL2 Scholars Career Development Program

The KL2 Scholars Career Development Program is available to Assistant Professors (in rank ≤ 6 years), conducting clinical or translational research.

The program provides 75% salary support (up to $120,000 inclusive of fringe), $35,000 in research funds, and $2,000 travel funds per year, for three years.

Program overview 

  • Available to Assistant Professors (in rank ≤ six years) conducting clinical or translational research
  • Provides 75% salary support (up to $120,000 inclusive of fringe), $35,000 in research funds, and $2,000 travel funds per year for 1-3 years, with the first 24 months covered by CTSI and year 3 to be covered by the AHC or scholar’s home department for Schools outside of AHC
  • Multidisciplinary mentor team, including primary senior accomplished mentor, secondary mentor and biostatistician representing different areas of expertise
  • Includes weekly (Wednesdays, 2pm) K Scholar Multidisciplinary Seminar Series with BIRCWH (Women’s Health K12), CTSI Pre-K Discovery Scholars, and Individual K awardees
  • Underrepresented in medicine applicants are strongly encouraged to apply and are welcome to seek assistance in their applications by contacting  Michelle Lamere
  • Up to three awards will be issued for this RFA 

Application details

The 2018 LOI application process has closed. Currently funded projects began in September 2018. 

More information

The KL2 Scholars Career Development Program is designed to develop the next generation of clinical investigators through a structured training program with a mentored, multidisciplinary clinical research emphasis. The goal is for KL2 scholars to develop successful CTS research careers with extramural funding and scholarly publications.

This three-year program aims to place junior investigators on the path to be competitive for NIH independent K- or R- awards. Success of this program will be judged by the number who go on to secure NIH independent K-awards and NIH R21 grants in the short term, and NIH R01, and R01 equivalent funding in the long term, for clinical and translational research.

Applications from underrepresented populations are strongly encouraged.

Current KL2 scholars

Cristina ‘Sophia’ Albott, MD, MA

Department of Psychiatry
Primary Mentor: Kelvin Lim
Additional Mentors: Shmuel Lissek, Kathryn Cullen, Paul Thuras
Project Title: Characterization of Comorbid Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Major Depressive Disorder Utilizing Ketamine as an Experimental Medicine Probe

Anne Bantle, MD

Division of Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism, Department of Medicine, Medical School
Mentors: Lisa Chow, Elizabeth Seaquist, Dan Knights, Lynn Eberly
Project title: A weight neutral, high protein, low biologically available glucose diet for treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus

Steven Friedenberg, DVM, PhD

Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine
Mentors: Marc Jenkins, Jaime Modiano, Kristin Hogquist, Aaron Rendahl
Project title: Immunological Basis of Autoimmune Addison's Disease in a Novel Canine Model System

Andrew Grande, MD

Department of Neurosurgery, Medical School
Primary mentor: Jakub Tolar
Additional mentors: Walter Low, Yasushi Nakagawa, James Hodges
Project title: Repairing the brain after stroke - Neuroregenerative therapy in canine model of stroke

Sandra Safo, PhD, MSc

Division of Biostatistics, School of Public Health
Mentors: James Neaton, Jason Baker, Daniel Duprez, Dr. Cavan Reilly
Project title: Integrative Omics Methods to Assess Genomic and Metabolic Influences on Subclinical CVD in HIV-Infected Men and Women

Katherine Vickery, MD, MSc

Department of Medicine, Medical School
Mentors: Andrew Busch, Mark Linzer, John Connett
Project title: Medication support for people with diabetes experiencing homelessness

Former KL2 scholars

Terrence Adam, MD, PhD

Primary mentor: Wendy St. Peter
Additional mentors: Vipin Kumar, James Neaton, and Connie Delaney
Project title: The Clinical Significance of Clopidogrel Drug-Drug Interactions: Data Science Applied to Drug Safety

Veronika Bachanova, MD, PhD

Primary mentor: Jeffrey Miller
Additional mentors: Daniel Weisdorf, Linda Burns, and Jaime Modiano
Project title: Natural Killer Cell Immunotherapy for Lymphoma

Andrew Barnes, MD, MPH

Primary mentor: Gerald August
Additional mentors: Ann Masten, Megan Gunnar, and John Connett
Project title: Self-Regulation and Health in High-Risk Young Children

Maneesh Bhargava, MD (current K to R01 Transition to Independence Scholar)

Primary mentor: Christine Wendt
Additional mentors: David Ingbar, Peter Bitterman, Baolin Wu
Project Title: Biosignature of Survival in Acute Lung Injury and ARDS

Jazmin Camchong, PhD

Department of Psychiatry
Primary mentor: Matt Kushner, MD
Additional mentors: Kelvin Lim, Angus W. MacDonald III, Kyle Rudser
Project title: Brian Functional Connectivity During Early Recovery in Alcohol Use Disorder as a Marker for Relapse

Cari Clark, PhD (current K to R01 Transition to Independence Scholar)

Primary mentor: Michael Resnick
Additional mentors: Iris Borowsky and John Connett
Health Disparities in Obesity: Partner Violence and its Psychosocial and Behavioral Pathways

Curtis Corum, PhD

Primary mentor: Michael Garwood
Additional mentors: Michael Nelson and Lynn Eberly
Project title: Improved Breast MRI Utilizing SWIFT: Detection of Breast Calcifications with MRI and Correlation with Mammography

Sarah Cusick, PhD

Primary mentor: Chandy John
Additional mentors: James Hodges and Michael Georgieff
Project title: Immediate vs. Delayed Iron Therapy: Effect on Red Cell Iron Incorporation During Severe Malaria

Bernadette Gillick, PhD

Primary mentor: Bin He
Additional mentors: Kelvin Lim and Kyle Rudser
Project title: Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation and Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy in Pediatric Hemiparesis

Allyson Hart, MD, MS

Department of Medicine
Primary mentor: Ajay Israni
Additional mentors: Melissa Partin and John Connett
Project title: Creating a Decision Aid to Improve Informed Treatment Decisions for Kidney Transplant Candidates

Samir S. Khariwala, MD

Primary mentor: Stephen Hecht
Additional mentors: Dorothy Hatsukami and Chap Le
Project title: The study of tobacco metabolism to determine the risk of developing head and neck cancer

Eric Lock, PhD 

Division of Biostatistics
Primary mentor: Wei Pan
Additional mentors: Peter Bitterman and Michael Georgieff
Project title: Biomarkers from Multi-source, Multi-way Data

Xiufeng Li, PhD

Primary mentor: Gregory Metzger
Additional mentors: Lynn Eberly and Ibrahim Hassan
Project title: Advanced Multi-Parametric MR Imaging for Renal Transplantation

Hee Yun Lee, PhD

School of Social Work, College of Education and Human Development
Primary mentor: Jasjit S. Ahluwalia
Additional mentors: Douglas Yee, Dipankar Bandyopadhyay
Project title: Mobile Phone Multimedia Messaging Intervention for Breast Cancer

Emil Lou, MD, PhD

Primary mentor: Melissa Geller
Additional mentors: Greg Vercellotti, Richard King, and Chap Le
Project title: Novel Biomarkers of Chemoresistant Ovarian Cancers

Silvia Mangia, PhD

Primary Mentor: Elizabeth Seaquist
Additional mentors: Kamil Ugurbil and Lynn Eberly
Project title: Characterizing Brain Structure and Function in Diabetes by Novel MRI/MRS Approaches

Siobhan McMahon, PhD

Primary mentor: Alexander J. Rothman
Additional mentors: Jean Wyman, Michael Oakes, and Weihua Guan
Project title: Enhancing Motivation for Physical Activity to Reduce the Risk of Falls among Community-Dwelling Older Adults: A Wellness Intervention

Stephanie Misono, MD, MPH

Primary mentor: Kelvin Lim
Additional mentors: Patricia Frazier and Kyle Rudser
Project title: Dysphonia, Distress, and Control: Technology-based Assessment and Intervention

Amir Moheet, MBBS

Primary mentor: Elizabeth Seaquist
Additional mentors: Gulin Oz, Lynn Eberly, and Jeffrey Wozniak
Project title: Hippocampal Metabolism and Function in Patients with Type 1 Diabetes and Hypoglycemia Unawareness

Mark Osborn, PhD

Primary mentor: Bruce Blazar
Additional mentors: Stephen Jameson and Weihua Guan
Project title: Next generation chimeric antigen receptor and engineered nuclease based tumor therapy

Ann Parr, MD, PhD 

Primary mentor: Jakub Tolar
Additional mentors: James Hodges and Walter C. Low
Project title: Autologous Oligodendrocyte Progenitor Cells for Transplantation in Spinal Cord Injury 

Alexa Pragman, MD, PhD

Primary mentor: Chris Wendt
Additional mentors: Richard Isaacson and Cavan Reilly
Project title: Evaluation of the Lung Microbiota and Inflammation in the Progression of COPD

Anna Prizment, PhD

Primary mentor: Timothy Church
Additional mentors: Heather Nelson and Srirama Rao
Project title: Eosinophil biomarkers and colorectal cancer

Elizabeth Rogers, MD, MS

Department of General Internal Medicine
Primary mentor: Anne Joseph, MD, MPH
Additional mentors: Stuart Speedie, Victor Montori, John Connett
Project title: Factors Affecting Safety-Net Medical Home Care Quality for Patients with Comorbid Diabetes

Zohar Sachs, MD, PhD

Department of Medicine
Primary mentor: David Largaespada, PhD
Additional Mentor: Jeffrey Miller, MD
Project Title:  Molecular mechanisms of leukemia stem cell persistence in AML relapse

William Schmalstieg, MD

Department of Neurology
Primary mentor: Stephen Jameson
Additional mentors: Charles Howe and James Hodges
Project title: Mechanisms of CD8+ T Cell-mediated Axon Injury 

Chetan Shenoy, MD

Primary mentor: Russell Luepker
Additional mentors: Daniel Duprez and Sue Duval
Project title: Cardiac Fibrosis for Risk Prediction in Cancer Therapy Cardiotoxicity

Tetyana Shippee, PhD

Primary mentor: Robert Kane
Additional mentors: Joseph Gaugler and William Thomas
Project title: Using Facility and Resident-Level Predictors of Quality of Life in Long-Term Care to Design Successful Interventions    

Rebecca Shlafer, PhD

Primary mentor: Michael Resnick
Additional mentors: Julie Poehlmann, John Connett, and Grant Duwe
Project title: Incarcerated Parents in Minnesota and their Minor Children

Guisheng Song, PhD

Primary mentor: Clifford Steer
Additional mentors: Jeffrey Albrecht, Do-Hyung Kim, and Wei-Shou Hu
Project title: The combination of miR-24-ASO and miR-30e-ASO as a therapeutic agent for both NAFLD and hyperlipidemia

Elizabeth Swanson, DO

Department of Pediatrics
Primary mentor: Mark Schleiss, MD
Additional mentors: Mark Schleiss, Lou Mansky, Steven Rice, Michael Georgieff, John Connett
Project title: Mechanisms of Perinatal CMV Transmission: Immune Effectors of Protection, Pathogenesis of Functional Disability, and Potential for Therapeutic Intervention

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