Education and Training

CTSI-EdOne of CTSI's major goals is to train and reward interdisciplinary research teams at the University of Minnesota and in our communities. 

CTSI's Research Education, Training, and Career Development Core (CTSI-Ed) offers a pathway for clinical translational science research training and career development, both for investigators and research support staff.

CTSI-Ed is led by David Ingbar, MD, with support from staff and program leads as well as guidance from the Internal Advisory Boards.

Career development continuum

CTSI provides training and education to advance researchers through the career development continuum, from the undergraduate experience to an independent research career as a faculty member. 

CTSI-Ed goals

  • Strengthening CTS career development through enhanced mentorship and a flexible, customizable, and competency-based curriculum to meet individual needs
  • Providing educational opportunities with a coordinated, mentored clinical translational research continuum addressing T1, T2, and T3 research
  • Enhancing faculty rewards and recognition
  • Developing educational materials and delivery platforms to provide flexible, customizable, location-independent learning for research teams at the University and in our communities

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Core team

David Ingbar, MD

Michelle Lamere, MPA, ACC
Assistant Director

Angie Merrifield, MPA
Program Manager

Megan Larson
Senior Program Associate

Nicole Bowman
Executive Administrative Assistant


Program leads

Ned Patterson, DVM, PhD
Director, Pathways to Research Program (PReP) and Advanced Pathways to Research Program (A-PReP)

David Ingbar, MD
Interim Director, Pre-K Discovery Scholar Program

Kelvin O. Lim, MD
Director, KL2

Jayne Fulkerson, PhD
Director, TRACT TL1 program, and Director, Translational Research Development Program (TRDP)

Angela Panoskaltsis-Mortari, PhD
Associate Director, TRACT TL1 program

Esam El-Fakahany, PhD
Director, K-R01 Program, and Co-Director Mentoring

Anne Marie Weber-Main, PhD
Co-Director, Mentoring