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When University and community researchers collaborate, they can improve the quality of their research and ensure it is relevant to the community.

CTSI’s Community Engagement to Advance Research and Community Health (CEARCH) team provides infrastructure and support so University researchers and community representatives—including nonprofits, clinics, physicians, and advocates—can work together. 

How we can help:

Find your team

We can connect University researchers to community collaborators -- such as physicians, clinics, nonprofits, and other community entities -- and help community members find University researchers with complementary skills and expertise. Our team can help facilitate an ongoing, mutually beneficial relationship based on trust and respect. Also peruse the University of Minnesota's Community-Engaged Scholar Directory

Tap into resources

We’ve compiled a variety of free, online resources for community-University research teams, such as best practices, analysis tools, dissemination guidance, training materials, checklists, and guiding principles.

Consult with an expert

Get insights from experts in your topic area, guidance on strategies, proposals, and protocols, and access to population-based datasets.

Receive community input

Request to hold a Community Engagement (CE) Studio on your specific health research topic. These structured guidance sessions give Minnesotans a meaningful way to contribute to research, while arming investigators with powerful insights that can inform their studies.

Get funded

CTSI offers grants for community-University partnerships that stimulate new research in the area of community and population health:

  • Programs for University of Minnesota researchers that address important Minnesota health issues
  • Programs for Minnesota community members and community organizations interested in developing ideas and partnerships to address health in Minnesota communities

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Contact us

Melissa Hansen
Research Navigator
612-625-CTSI (2874)

Grantee spotlight

Grantee spotlight: Aaron KellyCTSI pilot grant helps lead to millions in funding for University-Children's research team

Our impact

Community-University research teams supported by CTSI are making a difference with their research, from influencing public policy to garnering coverage in high-profile media outlets