Community Members

MinneapolisThe Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) engages the community in University of Minnesota research, with the goal of building healthier communities and adding value to the lives of Minnesotans.

There are countless ways you can get involved with research, from collaborating with our researchers on a health study to volunteering for a study.

When researchers and communities collaborate, they unlock a unique potential for truly meaningful discoveries.

New opportunity for community members

Would you like to make a difference in how the University of Minnesota works with communities in doing research? Are you interested in helping to shape the training of researchers and community-academic partners?

CTSI's Office of Community Engagement to Advance Research and Community Health (CEARCH) invites you to support ongoing efforts at the University to connect health research and community interests. We are inviting community members to join a CEARCH council or become involved in other activities related to research and community health.

Find research opportunities

Being a research participant is one of the most powerful things you can do to be part of tomorrow’s health care breakthroughs, and University researchers always need volunteers.

Our StudyFinder website makes it easy for you to find and connect with University research opportunities, such as clinical trials and other health studies. You can also join the ResearchMatch registry. When you participate in research, you can contribute to future treatments that could one day benefit a friend, family member, or someone across the world.

Collaborate with researchers 

We also support community members and groups who want to partner with University researchers on a study, from co-leading a research project to simply sharing insights.

One way we do this is through our Community Engagement (CE) Studio guidance sessions. These enable Minnesotans to share their perspective on important health issues, while arming investigators with insights that can benefit their studies.

Our Community Engagement to Advance Research and Community Health (CEARCH) function provides an infrastructure that supports community-engaged research, using a team approach to address the health issues most important to Minnesota communities.