Our Rates

Our current rates are below, and were last updated October 2017.

These do not apply to business and industry studies. To request rates for business- and industry-sponsored studies, contact CTSI at ctsi@umn.edu or 612-625-CTSI (2874). 

Clinical unit use: staff and space

Staff and space: $60/hour
All clinic services except the itemized staff, services, tests, and procedures listed below.

Space only: $25.00/hour

Biostatistical support

Research Assistant: $62.00/hour

Statistician/Programmer: $103.00/hour

Faculty: $125.00/hour

Specialized/equipment-intensive procedures

iDXA Scans (total body): $82.41/scan

iDXA Scans (each additional peripheral / limited area): $40.35/scan

pQCT: $96.49/scan

Glucose Clamp: $707.78/test

GFR (Blood and Urine): $560.68/test

GFR (Blood only): $312.31/test

Specimen processing / storage

Specimen Processing – Simple: $9.21 each

Specimen Processing – Complex: $20.04 each

Specimen Processing – Complex+: $28.76 each

-20 Freezer Storage per month (row / shelf): $3.76 / $22.54

-80 Freezer Storage per month (row / shelf): $5.46 / $27.29