• CTSI pilot grant helps research team find promising discoveries

    A University-Children’s research team has discovered a promising way to help adolescents with severe obesity, captured a multi-million-dollar grant, and catalyzed the formation of a research consortium among four Minnesota health organizations – all of which started from a CTSI pilot grant. More...

  • A University department engages CTSI to provide ongoing support for its researchers

    Through a dedicated contract, the University's Dermatology department taps into CTSI's expertise in planning, implementing, conducting, and analyzing studies so that its investigators can focus on the research itself. More...

  • A University professor works with CTSI to advance her idea

    Through funding and support, CTSI is helping College of Science & Engineering chemist Dr. Valerie Pierre convert her idea into a real-world bacterial infection diagnostic tool. More...

  • Health researcher lands million-dollar R01 grant using CTSI-provided clinical data

    Researchers like Gyorgy Simon are opening up entirely new pathways for discovery with the CTSI-created repository of electronic health records of more than 2 million de-identified patients. More...

    electronic health records data repository
  • One aspiring investigator engaged CTSI and launched his career

    Former CTSI scholar Youssef Roman isn't quite out of school but he's well on his way to becoming a successful researcher and his metabolic disorders research is being expanded upon. More...

  • From pilot funds to policy change

    A community-University research team secures a legislative victory a few years after receiving initial funding from CTSI. More...

    U of M researcher Rebecca Shlafer


News and events

June 8

Attend this Clinical Research Professional Development seminar.

Jafar Golzarian, Department of Radiology professor, received pilot funding from CTSI's Office of Discovery and Translation in 2012 to further develop a drug-delivery device for cancer patients. He spun the technology out to EmboMedics, where he serves as co-founder and medical officer, to continue advancing and commercializing the technology.

More than 70 industry and faculty researchers attended the inaugural Pediatric Device Breakthrough Collaborative event where it was announced up to three projects will receive $15,000 in kickstarter funding and support.