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University of Minnesota research costs and rates

Facilities and administration (F&A) costs
Document from the University's Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA) describes the difference between direct costs and indirect costs.

Research forms and rates
This SPA webpage houses research forms, rates, and more.

Research conducted using Fairview resources

OnCore, in conjunction with EPIC, is used as a communication tool between UMN researchers and Fairview, UMP, and IDS staff for pricing provider services and billing compliance purposes. Any study that is using Fairview, IDS, or UMP services must register their study with OnCore. A study team will be expected to track the subjects, visits, and procedures for the study in a centrally-built calendar, as well as link research visits in EPIC. The Service providers then use this information to appropriately bill charges to either insurance or research.

In addition to being a billing compliance tool, OnCore can aid in the budget development process by providing researchers with pricing information for all Fairview Services, including:

  • All Fairview and UMP hospital or clinic services
  • Contracts for Professional Services with Fairview or UMP
  • Fairview Diagnostic Laboratories: Fairview's full-service laboratory
  • Investigational Drug Service: The central pharmacy for all investigational drugs dispensed within Fairview or the Academic Health Center (AHC)

OnCore also can be used to obtain pricing estimates in order to analyze the feasibility of future studies. 

Fairview Research AdministrationThe first point of contact for research occurring within Fairview Health Services. Relevant pages within Fairview include:

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