Forms, Templates, and User Guides

Clinical Translational Research Portal

  • Portal Time-Tracking Change Request - Please use this form to add/modify/remove a time tracking role from a study. This form is also used to modify access permissions.
  • Access Request Link - Please use these directions to add support roles to a study. Support roles are Accountant, PI, Co-PI, Scheduler, etc.
  • Portal Project Update Request - Please use this form to request updates to a specific CTR Portal project. Changes can include, DeptIT, Title, Description, IRB #, etc.

User Guides

Budgeting and finance

Clinical Research Budget Template

  • This budget template may be used for business and industry studies or for investigator-initiated projects, but should not be used for NIH projects (refer to the NIH RFP for information about the appropriate budget template).
  • Note: please check the SPA website to confirm the current fringe benefit and indirect cost rates.

Mock Study Section Planning Guide

OnCore clinical trial management system (CTMS)

Regulatory support and protocol templates

Find templates and forms on the Institutional Review Board’s (IRB) website, including:

  • Protocol templates
  • Consent templates
  • IRB submission documents