Transition to OnCore

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The Academic Health Center (AHC) has transitioned to the OnCore clinical trial management system, and addition areas outside of the AHC are being transitioned through early 2017.

OnCore transitions will be implemented in a way that minimizes disruption, and leverages best practices from previous, successful transitions.

As of Oct. 1, 2016, AHC researchers will no longer enter new studies (i.e., studies entering the pre-award process) into the Time and Study Collection System (TASCS) used for Fairview/UMP billing and budgeting.


What to expect during the OnCore transition process

  • CTSI’s OnCore team will be in touch with your department when it’s time to begin the system transition processResearch team members who have an upcoming new study should proceed to submit an OnCore access request form to obtain access and training information. View estimated transition dates on the OnCore schedule.
  • Your department head may designate a point person (or multiple point people) to work closely with the OnCore team but this is not required. The point person(s), when assigned, collaborate with the OnCore team throughout the process, from ensuring team members are trained to identifying areas for ongoing support.
  • The OnCore team will provide training and ongoing support to anyone in each department who needs it. Training is required and takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the individual’s role. Research faculty and staff will be trained in multiple groups to maximize resources and support for team members as they begin entering studies into OnCore.
  • The OnCore team will inform individual units and TASCS users when they should stop using TASCS. All AHC units not already using OnCore will stop entering new studies into TASCS by Oct. 1. After the cut-off date, TASCS will only be used if a study had been entered into the system prior to October (e.g., to facilitate that study’s post-award process).
“My advice to new OnCore users is to be open to changes, give it time, and to use OnCore the way it’s designed to be used. Like any new system, there’s a learning curve, but the rewards in the end make it all worth it.”

—Katie Mellskog, RN, MS, Program Director, Masonic Cancer Center Clinical Trials Office OnCore user for approximately 15 years