Implementation and Upgrade Schedule

Over the next several months, CTSI’s clinical trial management system (CTMS) team will deploy OnCore across the University of Minnesota, and implement upgrades to the CTMS itself.

We’ll do this in close partnership with key units at the University of Minnesota, with Fairview Health Systems and University of Minnesota Physicians.

This is an estimated schedule for our upgrades. Timing is subject to change.

Q3 2016

  • OnCore training and adoption for new studies by October 1 for all remaining groups that are required to use Time and Study Collection System (TASCS) for billing compliance.
  • Upgrade to the next available OnCore software version.
  • Implement biospecimen management (Q3 2016 – 2017).

Q4 2016 – 2017

  • OnCore training and adoption for the groups not previously required to utilize TASCS: School of Public Health, beyond Academic Health Center (AHC), and Coordinate Campuses.
  • Add interfaces with Institutional Review Board (IRB) and clinical and research systems.


  • Transition active studies away from Time and Study Collection System (TASCS).