Nine CTSI scholars receive awards to present at national or international conferences

Published by CTSI on October 3, 2016

2016 CTSI Poster Session and ReceptionThe Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) presented travel awards to nine junior investigators for outstanding posters and presentations at its fifth annual CTSI Poster Session and Reception.

At the September 27 event, judges evaluated nearly 50 posters, and selected winners from each CTSI career development program. Programs provide training and education to advance researchers through the career development continuum, from the undergraduate experience to an independent research career as a faculty member.

CTSI will provide as much as $13,500 total in travel expenses so awardees can present their CTSI-supported research at a national or international conference. 

In addition, CTSI’s Community Health Collaborative Grants program presented a $400 dissemination award to a winning poster presented by one of their community-University grantee teams. The College of Pharmacy also furnished a travel award for Sarah Kim, a Melendy scholar who participates in CTSI’s career development programming alongside CTSI scholars.

Travel award recipients

KL2 Scholars Career Development Program 

Dr. Rebecca Shlafer with CTSI team members Dr. Yoji Shimizu and Michelle Lamere.Dr. Rebecca Shlafer with CTSI team members Dr. Yoji Shimizu and Michelle Lamere.

Rebecca Shlafer, PhD
Medical School
Primary mentor: Michael Resnick
Additional mentors: Julie Poehlmann, John Connett, and Grant Duwe
Project title: Incarcerated Parents in Minnesota and their Minor Children

Mark Osborn, PhD
Medical School
Primary mentor: Bruce Blazar
Additional mentors: Stephen Jameson and Weihua Guan
Project title: Next generation chimeric antigen receptor and engineered nuclease based tumor therapy

Karina Quevedo, PhDDr. Karina Quevedo with CTSI team members Dr. Yoji Shimizu and Michelle Lamere.

K to R01 Transition to Independence Program

Karina Quevedo, PhD
Medical School
Primary mentors: Kamil Ugurbil and Kathleen Thomas
Co-mentors: John Strupp and Susan Wei
Project title: How to Train your Brain: Neurofeedback and Changing Brain Activity in Adolescent Depression

Beshay ZordokyDr. Beshay Zordoky with CTSI team members Michelle Lamere and Dr. Yoji Shimizu.

New Investigator Pre-K Career Development Program

Beshay Zordoky, PhD
College of Pharmacy
Primary mentor: Pamala Jacobson
Additional mentor: Haitao Chu
Project title: Preclinical Model of Juvenile Doxorubicin-induced Cardiotoxicity

Translational Research Development Program (TRDP)

Nicholas Brady with CTSI team members Michelle Lamere and Dr. Yoji Shimizu.Nicholas Brady with CTSI team members Michelle Lamere and Dr. Yoji Shimizu.

Nicholas Brady
Medical School
Primary mentor: Kathryn Schwertfeger
Additional mentor: Douglas Yee
Project title: JAK Inhibition Disrupts Inflammatory Homeostasis in Human Macrophages

Diego Garcia-Huidobro, MD
Medical School
Primary mentor: Michele Allen
Additional mentor: Iris Borowsky
Project title: Feasibility of a One-To-One Parenting Intervention to Prevent Substance Use in Latino Youth

Advanced Pathways to Research Program (A-PReP) 

Sarah Kim with CTSI team members Michelle Lamere and Dr. Yoji Shimizu.Sarah Kim with CTSI team members Michelle Lamere and Dr. Yoji Shimizu.

Luis “Marty” Ortega
Medical School
Mentor: Michele Allen, MD, MS
Project title: Latino Parent-Child Relationships and Substance Use

Sarah Kim (Melendy scholar)
College of Pharmacy
Mentor: Jeanine Utz, PharmD
Project title: Natural History of the Gangliosidosis Diseases

Pathways to Research Program (PReP)

Bridget Curtin with CTSI team members Michelle Lamere and Dr. Yoji Shimizu.Bridget Curtin with CTSI team members Michelle Lamere and Dr. Yoji Shimizu.

Karen Herrera
Saint Catherine University, College of Liberal Arts
Mentor: Beshay Zordoky
Project title: The anti-cancer effects of resveratol in hemangiosarcoma cells

Bridget Curtin
University of Minnesota, College of Biological Sciences
Mentor: Reena Kartha
Project title: Circulating MicroRNAs as Potential Biomarkers for Epilepsy

Dissemination award recipients

Community Health Collaborative Grants program

Muna Sunni, MBBCh, Medical School and Jennifer Kyllo, MD, Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota
Project title: A Picture-Based Carbohydrate-Counting Resource for Somalis

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