Ongoing events and courses

PubH 6815: Community-based Participatory Research (CBPR)
Fall semester, 2018; beginning September 4th.

This semester-long introductory Community-based Participatory Research (CBPR) course is intended for community practitioners and graduate students in any U of MN college or department (and others in academia) interested in adding CBPR to their repertoire of effective approaches to understanding and addressing health and social disparities.

BTHX 5210: Ethics of Human Subjects Research
Tuesdays, 12-2:30 pm, Leigh Turner, PhD (3 credits)

The course addresses ethics and policy issues in research on human subjects, including an examination of the policy history, the changing models of oversight, and analysis of possible approaches for oversight of controversial areas of science.

BTHX 5000-001/800-001: Ethical Issues Related to Novel Biotechnologies
Tuesdays, 12-2:30pm, Leigh Turner, PhD (3 credits)

This course examines variety of ethical, legal, and social issues related to novel biotechnologies, including the individual, organization, and public moral significance of novel biotechnologies and situates analysis of ethical issues within domestic and global contexts.

BTHX 5100: Intro to Clinical Ethics
Thursdays 12:30-3pm, John Song, MD, MPH (3 credits)

This course uses real cases to examine the most frequent ethical problems faced by clinicians, patients and families, and ethics consultants. Topics include forgoing life sustaining treatment, decisional capacity, informed consent, treatment refusals, death and dying, pediatric ethics, reproductive issues, research ethics, psychiatric illness and more. 

School of Public Health Biostatistics Consulting
The Division of Biostatistics is offering free statistical consulting in conjunction with the biostatistical consulting course for graduate students during Spring semester 2019. 



Ongoing CTSI seminars

Seminars for clinical research professionalsBi-weekly professional development and networking seminars.

Seminars for faculty, staff, and students: Bi-monthly career development seminars on a variety of research-related topics.