Degree Programs

The minor promotes understanding of the root causes of health inequalities and explores practice and policy solutions to eliminate health inequalities. Understanding structural factors that lead to health inequalities prepares students to develop strategies to promote health equity. Courses approved for the minor are offered in a variety of disciplines throughout the University. 

Do you work with research clinical applications on human beings to advance science discoveries and not have an advanced degree in clinical research? If so, this certificate may be just what you need to learn the practical principal applications to enhance your job satisfaction and performance. View application instructions, curriculum, and more

Clinical research is fast becoming more complex, sophisticated, and regulated. This has created a recognition of and demand for formalized training for those who intend to apply their clinical skills to health research in human populations. This MS degree, with coursework and a thesis requirement, focuses primarily on patient-oriented research.

Applicants to this program, offered through the University of Minnesota School of Public Health, must have an advanced health professional degree (MD, DDS, DVM etc.) or any other advanced doctoral degree in a clinical biomedical field. View application instructions, curriculum, and more.