Courses for U of M Students

Credit-based courses for current University of Minnesota students:

Classroom experiences

Orientation to Clinical Research (AHS2300)

This seminar introduces pre-health, undergraduate students interested in clinical research to content on clinical research methods, ethical conduct, and professionalism, through interaction with faculty leaders in dentistry, medicine, public health, pharmacy, and nursing. Students also participate in a supervised, observational field experience and complete an Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) project related to clinical research. 

Ethics of Human Subject Research (BTHX 5210)

This course addresses ethics and policy issues in research on human subjects, including an examination of the policy history, the changing models of oversight, and analysis of possible approaches for oversight of controversial areas of science. 

Minnesota’s Future Doctors

This program prepares college-age Minnesotans from underrepresented communities for admission to medical school. Selected scholars typically start the program as freshman in college and remain with the program until the start of medical school, learning about medical school, college enrichment, service projects, and patient interactions.

Community-­based Participatory Research 

This is an introductory course about Community-­based Participatory Research (CBPR) intended for graduate students and community practitioners interested in adding CBPR to their repertoire of effective approaches to understanding and addressing social and health disparities.

Current students: How to register for online credit-based courses

  • On the Digital Campus, click Online Credit Courses on the left navigation bar.
  • On the next screen, click Search the Catalog of Online Courses. Be sure to scroll down and highlight PUB – Public Health, and then click the Show Courses button.
  • To learn when a course is offered, check the Class Schedule on that screen.
  • If you meet the prerequisites and wish to register for a course, you can do so at One Stop.

Online learning opportunities

Use the University of Minnesota Digital Commons website to learn more about these courses. Carefully read the prerequisites before registering for a course.

PubH 3315 - Clinical Research: From Lab to Bedside to Populations (2 cr.)

This course is intended to provide a basic understanding of health research in humans. Aimed at upper level undergraduates, it describes research methods, contemporary topics, controversies and health careers in clinical research. The course includes perspectives from dentistry, medicine, nursing, pharmacy and public health. It is intended for students considering a health career.

PUBH 6320 - Fundamentals of Epidemiology (3.0 cr.)

Concepts of epidemiology. Etiology, distribution, and control of diseases in human populations.

PUBH 6414 - Biostatistical Methods I (3.0 cr.)

Descriptive statistics and graphical methods. Use of R-Commander. Probability definitions and rules. Binomial, normal, and t- distributions. Statistical inference: estimates and confidence intervals of means, proportions, relative risks, odds ratios; t-tests; chi-square tests; ANOVA; correlation/linear regression. Correlation/regression. Inference/causality.

PUBH 6415 - Biostatistical Methods II (3.0 cr.)

Statistical computing using SAS. Multiple regression. Data transformations. Relative risk, odds ratio estimation. Logistic regression. Survival analysis. Kaplan-Meier tables, survival curves. 

PUBH 6420 - Introduction to SAS Programming (1.0 cr.)

Analysis of biomedical data. Data manipulation/description. Basic statistical analyses (t-tests, chi-square, simple regression).

PUBH 6541 - Statistics for Health Management Decision Making (3.0 cr.)

Variation. Frequency distribution, measurement, probability, graphing. Significance tests, estimation, trends; data handling. Modeling, odds ratios. Prevalence, incidence and vital statistics. Research applications. Statistical approach to rational administrative decision making. Inductive teaching, lectures, computer/lab exercises.

PUBH 6742 - Ethics in Public Health: Research and Policy (1.0 cr.)

Introduction to ethical issues in public health research/policy. Ethical analysis. Recognizing/analyzing moral issues.

PUBH 6864 - Conducting Health Outcomes Research (3.0 cr.)

Major concepts/principles in conducting health outcomes research that evaluates medical care. Developing study designs matched to research questions. Frequently used study designs. Evaluating health outcomes. Analytical approaches.