Research Professional Mentor Program

CTSI will launch a new Research Professional Mentor Program in the fall of 2018.

By providing guidance and support, mentors help empower their mentees to think, reflect, and take the necessary steps to realize his or her goals. 

Benefits of mentoring

Being a new Coordinator at the University can be challenging. In addition to learning their specific research protocols, new coordinators also have to navigate the onboarding process, learn new systems and understand the research landscape at the University of Minnesota. As a mentor, you will help new coordinators connect to resources, develop professional skills, and help them feel supported in their new role.

How to become a mentor

  • Attend a one-time orientation and basic introduction to mentoring

  • Review provided mentoring resources 

  • Meet with Mentee twice per month for a one-year commitment

Who should be a mentor

If you have been a University of Minnesota Clinical Research Coordinator for at least two years and are interested in mentoring, we invite you to complete our application.

The Research Professional Mentor Program is designed for staff. If you are a member of the faculty and intertersted in mentoring, please check out our Scholar mentor/mentee program