Foundations for Research Professionals

COVID-19 update: Foundations for Research Professionals has shifted to an online/virtual format.

CTSI's Foundations for Research Professionals training program aims to help increase knowledge and application of clinical research coordinator competencies among research professionals at the University of Minnesota. 

Who it's for

The training has been developed for clinical research coordinators (CRCs) new to research or new to the University of Minnesota (<1 year).

What it is

The training is 25 hours over two weeks and includes:

  • Six in-person sessions
  • Seven online training modules

Covering topics such as: preparing for a study, managing a study, recruiting and engaging participants, assessing capacity to consent and the informed consent process. In addition, the course provides connections to online references, materials and resources.

Pre-requisite training

The following items are required before completing the Foundations for Research Professionals

  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • Good Clinical Practices (GCP) combined course
  • Baseline assessment 


Participants who went through the program have:

  • Demonstrated an increase in knowledge of clinical research coordinator competencies
  • Been able to apply essential functions of the CRC role with a solid understanding of local and federal regulations, and how to operate using Good Clinical Practice

There is no fee to departments or individual coordinators to participate in the training.

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