CRC Training Module

The Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) Training is on-demand training for coordinators at the University and beyond who support primary investigators and teams who conduct research with human subjects. In addition to providing education for quality research practices, the training is also creating a career development pathway for CRCs.

  • Courses train CRCs on responsibilities ranging from good clinical practice and research ethics to policies and regulatory considerations
  • Curriculum uses interactive online exercises and real-world examples
  • A team of CRC experts and learning designers from across the Academic Health Center collaborated with CTSI to develop the program
  • Courses can be taken anytime, anywhere and are free to CRCs at the University of Minnesota
  • Certificates are awarded upon the successful completion of courses


*current trainings offered – more in development

Courses to be completed within the first two weeks of employment:

  • Health Insurance Accountability and Portability Act (HIPAA) and Privacy
  • Human Subjects’ Protection Training
  • Non-Fairview Employed Research Staff (NERS) (as required)
  • Research 101 for Clinical Research Coordinators (offers certificate of completion)

Courses to be completed in a timely manner (or as agreed upon with supervisor or mentor):

  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • CPR Training (in-person)
  • Good Clinical Practice
  • Hazardous Material Shipping
  • Navigating Research at the University of Minnesota
  • Research Ethics (offers certificate of completion)
  • Role of CRC Certification (offers certificate of completion)
  • Time and Study Collection System (TASCS)
  • University of Minnesota and Fairview Research Policies (offers certificate of completion)
  • Participant Recruitment and Retention

How to enroll

Enroll by emailing us at

This program is open to anyone at the University of Minnesota.