K-R01 Transition to Independence Program

The K-R01 Transition to Independence Program is available to Assistant Professors (in rank ≤ 7 years) and early Associate Professors (in rank ≤ 4 years) conducting clinical or translational research and aims to place investigators further on the path to be competitive for R01 awards.

Program overview 

  • $50,000 research funds to be expended over 2 years
  • Assistant Professor (in rank ≤ 7 years), primary mentor and biostatistician
  • Now accepting early Associate Professors (in rank ≤ 4 years)
  • Applicants must have held an active K award (KL2, BIRCWH, Independent K award (K23, K07, etc) for at least one year at the time of application, or successfully concluded a K award within one year of the time of application

Application details

Applications are now closed.

Applications from underrepresented populations are strongly encouraged and are welcome to seek assistance in their applications by contacting Michelle Lamere, MPA, ACC at mlamere@umn.edu.

Application deadlines

Applications are now closed.

Nature and purpose

CTSI will provide funds, specialized career development, and dedicated support of senior investigators for K awardees interested in clinical and translational research. The K-R01 Transition to Independence Program is designed to support faculty by providing mentorship, oversight, programming and pilot funds.

This two-year program aims to place junior investigators, who have K awards, further on the path to be competitive for R01 awards. This RFA will be issued annually. Success of this program will be judged by the number of awardees who move forward to secure NIH R01 grants, and R01 equivalent funding for clinical and translational research.

Applications from underrepresented populations are strongly encouraged.

Current scholars

Antonella Borgatti, DVM, MS, Dipl. ACVIM, Dipl. ECVIM-CA

College of Veterinary Medicine
Mentors: Bruce Walcheck, Jaime F. Modiano, Joseph S. Koopmeiners
Project Title: Utilizing antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity by natural killer cells as a treatment strategy for canine B-cell malignancies

Jazmin Camchong, PhD

Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Mentors: Kelvin Lim, Mark Fiecas
Project Title: Longitudinal trajectory of neuromodulation and cognitive training effects in alcohol use disorder

Jose Debes, MD, MS

Department of Medicine
Mentors: David Boulware, Joseph Koopmeiners
Project Title: Detection of viral hepatitis-related liver cancer by immune profiling

Sarah Hoffman, PhD, MPH, MSN, RN

School of Nursing
Mentors: Jayne Fulkerson, John Connett, Abigail Gewirtz
Project title: A family mindfulness intervention for war-affected families: Feasibility of a CBPR approach and the contextual adaptation of an evidence-based intervention addressing intergenerational trauma

Casey P. Johnson, PhD

Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences
Mentors: Cathy S. Carlson, Baolin Wu, Gregory Metzger
Project title: Advanced quantitative MRI methods for early detection and monitoring of avascular necrosis of the femoral head

Amanda Klein, MS, PhD

Department of Pharmacy Practice and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Duluth
Mentors: Donald Simone, Carolyn Fairbanks, John Connett
Project Title: KATP channel prodrugs as therapeutics for chronic pain and substance abuse disorders

Katie Loth, PhD, MPH

Department of Family Medicine and Community Health
Mentors: Jerica Berge, Jayne Fulkerson, James S. Hodges
Project Title: Exploring the momentary mechanisms of a broad range of food-related parenting practices among racially/ethnically and socioeconomically diverse parent-child dyads.

Melanie Nicol, PharmD, PhD

Department of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology
Mentors: Paul R. Bohjanen, James S. Hodges
Project Title: The role of inflammation in antiretroviral concentrations in genital and central nervous system compartments

Alexa Pragman, MD, PhD

Department of Medicine
Mentors: Chris Wendt, Cavan Reilly
Project Title: Chronic respiratory symptoms and microbiota alterations following high-risk exposures

Elizabeth Rogers, MD, MAS

Department of Medicine and Pediatrics
Mentors: Anne Joseph, John Connett, David Eton
Project Title: Treatment burden, engagement in care, and glycemic control in low-income patients with diabetes

Chetan Shenoy, MBBS, MS

Department of Medicine
Mentors: Russell Luepker, John Connett
Project Title: Integrative phenotyping for risk stratification in cardiac sarcoidosis

Ferenc Toth, DVM, PhD, DACVS

College of Veterinary Medicine
Mentors: Cathy Carlson, Aaron Rendahl, Brenda Ogle
Project Title: Facilitated repair of focal cartilage defects using 3d bioprinted scaffolds seeded with human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived chondrocytes

Beshay Zordoky, MSc, PhD

Department of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology
Mentors: Pamala Jacobson, Alessandro Bartolomucci, Kendall Wallace, Esam El Fakahany, Haitao Chu
Project Title: Hypertension exacerbates doxorubicin-induced vascular aging

Former scholars

Jason Baker, MD, MS

Primary mentor: James Neaton, PhD
Project title: The coagulopathy of HIV infection 

Melena Bellin, MD

Primary mentor: Antoinette Moran
Additional mentor: James Hodges
Project title: Assessing beta cell loss and islet engraftment after islet autotransplantation

Maneesh Bhargava, MD

Primary mentor: Christine Wendt
Additional mentor: Baolin Wu
Project title: Biomarkers to predict outcomes in acute respiratory distress syndrome

Cari Clark, ScD

Primary mentor: Mary Jo Kreitzer
Additional mentor: John Connett
Project title: Impact of yoga on violence survivor's mental and cardio metabolic health: A feasibility study of a cluster randomized trial 

Kathryn Cullen, MD

Primary mentor: Kelvin O. Lim
Additional mentor: Lynn Eberly
Project title: Intravenous ketamine in adolescent treatment-resistant depression: Efficacy and brain mechanisms

Paul Drawz, MD

Primary mentor: Hassan Ibrahim
Additional mentor: Kyle Rudser
Project title: Treatment of masked hypertension 

Allyson Hart, MD, MS

Mentors: Ajay Israni, John Connett
Project title: Decision support needs for african american kidney transplant candidates

Theresa Laguna, MD, MSCS

Primary mentor: Christine Wendt
Additional mentor: Cavan Reilly
Project title: Biomarkers of injury and destruction in the cystic fibrosis lung 

Julie Ostrander, PhD

Primary mentor: Douglas Yee
Additional mentor: Chap Le
Project title: PELP1 localization as a biomarker for early mammary carcinogenesis and response to chemoprevention

Lynda Polgreen, MD, MS

Primary mentor: Chester Whitley
Additional mentor: William Thomas
Project title: Cross-sectional study of associations of osteocalcin with obesity, insulin resistance, adipokines and inflammation in the mucopolysaccharidoses 

Zohar Sachs, MD, PhD

Mentors: David Largaespada, Karen Sachs
Project title: Immunoproteasome inhibition to target AML stem cells

Karina Quevedo, PhD

Primary mentors: Kamil Ugurbil and Kathleen Thomas
Co-mentors: John Strupp and Susan Wei
Project title: How to train your brain: Neurofeedback and changing brain activity in adolescent depression

Kristine Talley, PhD, RN, GNP-BC

Primary mentor: Jean F. Wyman
Additional mentor: James Neaton
Project title: Preventing toileting disability in frail older women

Deanna Teoh, MD

Mentors: Shalini Kulasingam, Rachel Isaksson Vogel
Project title: Optimizing harms and benefits of cervical cancer screening for HPV-vaccinated women: Screening test performance and acceptability of reduced screening

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