Most of the tissue processing performed by BioNet staff takes place in the Surgical Pathology Gross Room located in Room 3-423, Unit J of the UMMC-F Hospital. This room is adjacent to the operating rooms, and is ideal for the rapid retrieval of tissue immediately following resection from the patients.

Following inspection of a specimen by a surgical pathologist or surgical pathology trainee, BioNet staff members process the tissue using equipment located in this room. Additional BioNet facilities include four office workstations in C432 Mayo Building. BioNet freezers are located in room C465 of the Mayo Building. Tissue samples are stored in cryovials in one of four liquid nitrogen storage tanks (55,000 sample capacity). Other samples including fluids and DNA are stored in two -80°C freezers equipped with alarms and 24 hour on-call backup services in the event of system failures.