Digital Imaging

COVID-19 update: The Digital Imaging division is in minimal operations mode, with staff only coming to campus for critical functions (e.g., if an alarm goes off). Please direct any questions to Joe Menth, interim BLS Program Director,

The Digital Imaging division provides whole slide imaging suitable for publication-quality figures and quantitative analysis.

Services provided

  • Whole slide brightfield and fluorescent imaging using a Zeiss Axio Scan.Z1 system
  • 20x and 40x acquisition
  • Ability to image up 100 slides per run (1x3 inch slides)
  • Accommodates larger 2x3 inch slides


The Digital Imaging division is located in room B173 of the Phillips Wangensteen Building.

Contact Us

Joe Menth, MHA
Interim Program Director, BLS

Adam Lewis, HT(ASCP)
Imaging Technician