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Researchers can now access CTSI’s Community Research Van, a mobile health lab designed to help University of Minnesota research teams conduct health studies out in the community.

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What’s in the van

Community Research VanThe Community Research Van is designed exclusively for health studies and features:

  • SECA height/weight scale
  • Desk, laptop, and printer
  • Internet connectivity
  • Supplies for blood collection and blood pressure
  • Space for private interviews
  • 4G hotspot and laptop
  • Powered wheelchair lift
  • Gas-powered generate with external power ports for powering equipment in the van
  • Overhead ventilation
  • Thermostat to regulate temperature in the van
  • Private space for data collection and one-on-one interviews
  • Additional space available to accommodate a stationary bike or small treadmill 

This mobile health lab supports studies that address human health issues, and is available at no charge to qualifying research teams. 


  • Both University investigators and University-community research collaborations are eligible to request the mobile health lab for studies within the five-state area.
  • Contact for help finding a community collaborator such as a physician, clinic, nonprofit, or other community entity, or within the University. 

What studies are a fit?

We support health research projects that:

  • Interact with the public, such as by collecting data through surveys, focus groups, biospecimens, anthropometric measurements, or other similar means.
  • Have the potential to significantly impact individual and population health in a concrete and tangible way.
  • Hold the promise of securing external grant support in order to develop long-term research and evaluation projects.

How to request the van for your study 

You can request to use the van at no charge to your research team by sending a completed van application to

The application should be submitted as a single PDF and include the following components:

Applications will be reviewed within four weeks of submission.