Specimen & Data Repository

COVID-19 update: Our repository staff is on-site for specimen management as needed. Sunrise plan announcement.

The Specimen & Data Repository offers archival biospecimens and custodial freezer storage to researchers.

The Specimen & Data Repository is a secure 2,000 square-foot biospecimen storage facility equipped with automated liquid nitrogen, ultralow freezers, back-up power, environmental alarm systems, and continuous freezer temperature monitoring. All specimens are managed by BSI specimen tracking software

Services provided

  • ~70,000 archival tissues (frozen, FFPE) and biofluids (frozen) collected for research
  • Medical record linkage
  • Custodial freezer storage in liquid nitrogen and -80 °C


The facility is located at 1200 Washington Ave S, Minneapolis, MN. 


Jenny Pham, PhD
Program Director, Biorepository and Laboratory Services

Tyler Colgan, BA
Biorepository Technician

For information about accessing archival diagnostic FFPE material, contact the Anatomic Pathology Research Coordinator (daug0024@umn.edu).