Partner with the U on Research

Community groups — such as nonprofits, health care providers, and community advocates — can tackle the health issues they care about by partnering with the U of M on research.

CTSI’s Community Engagement to Advance Research and Community Health (CEARCH) team helps lay the groundwork for these community-University partnerships, with the ultimate goal of advancing research that adds real value to the lives of Minnesotans. We provide the infrastructure for groups to work together, such as through  consultations, funding, resources, and guidance sessions that invite community feedback on University research projects.

There are many ways you can get involved. You can co-lead a study with a University researcher, offer your clinic or community center as a study locale, provide guidance about connecting with members of your community, or simply connect with a researcher to share your insights.

How we can help

Find your team

We can match you with University researchers and help facilitate an ongoing, mutually beneficial relationship based on trust and respect. You can also find University research partners via Experts@Minnesota

Consult with experts

Get insights from experts in your topic area, guidance on research strategies, grants, and protocols, and access to population-based datasets. Contact us at to get started. 

Receive research training

A six-week workshop called the Community Research Institute trains community groups in research methodology, empowering them to be more involved in health research or conduct their own studies. 

Get funded

CTSI annually awards Community Collaborative Grants to support community-University partnerships that address important Minnesota health issues

Tap into resources

We’ve compiled a variety of free, online resources for community-University research teams, such as best practices, analysis tools, dissemination guidance, training materials, checklists, and guiding principles.

Our impact

Community-University research teams supported by CTSI are making a difference with their research, from influencing public policy to garnering coverage in high-profile media outlets

UMN Twin Cities campus

By working together, we can improve the health of Minnesota communities.

Contact us

Want to find a research partner at the U of M? Or learn more about how CTSI can help you? Contact: