Center for Health Equity seminarsLearn more about our seminars and find out upcoming seminar dates:

Works in Progress

Works in Progress (WIP) is a monthly seminar series devoted to discussing minority health and health disparities research topics. The purpose of these seminars is to give researchers a forum to freely discuss their research while still in the developing or formative phases in order to exchange ideas, obtain constructive feedback, and discuss issues that may be common to various projects.

CHE Research Rounds

The Center for Health Equity has provided workshops and trainings to University and community researchers including a nationally renowned grant writing seminar, Write Winning Grants and a Scientific Writing Series co-hosted by the Clinical and Translational Science Institute and the Minnesota Center for Cancer Collaborations.

Distinguished Visiting Scholar Series

The Distinguished Visiting Scholar Series (DVSS), co-sponsored with the Program in Health Disparities Research, invites a leader in health disparities research to the University. As part of the visit, the scholar presents lectures, networks with university faculty, fellows, and students, and visits the community.

Building Bridges

Building Bridges is designed to foster interaction and collaboration between academic units at the University of Minnesota. CHE has hosted various seminars that have spawned new collaborative teams representing multi- and trans-disciplinary approaches to scientific questions. 

Community Dialogue Series

The Community Dialogue Series, co sponsored with the Program in Health Disparities Research, is a community engagement vehicle for University investigators to receive input from communities and keep communities engaged in the activities of the center