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CTSI's Clinical Translational Research (CTR) Portal is an interactive, web-based system designed to provide targeted and secure access to research project information. The system is available to research teams at the University of Minnesota and in our communities.

Continue reading to learn more about the CTR Portal, find answers to Frequently Asked Questions, and download forms and user guides.

CTR Portal overview: Frequently asked questions

What is the Clinical Translational Research (CTR) Portal?

The Clinical Translational Research (CTR) Portal is an interactive, web-based system designed to provide targeted and secure access to research project information. Among CTSI’s primary goals is the creation of an academic home and an adaptable, sustainable infrastructure for clinical translational science research at the U of MN. One way we are meeting this goal is by creating the Portal to provide targeted and secure access to research project information. Our goal is for the Portal, while first designed to meet CTSI’s core business needs, to become an efficient mechanism for accessing and sharing accurate, timely information among the clinical research community. The CTR Portal is intended for use by the entire research team - investigators, coordinators, project managers, finance staff, and administrators.

Initial functionality of the Portal is designed to help CTSI manage the business of the institute: intake of new projects; tracking services provided to research teams; and invoicing for those services. Also, with the recent receipt of the CTSA grant, the new Request for Services system helps CTSI collect information about projects required for reporting to the NIH.

Additional functionality will be developed in the coming months and years. The development team is actively engaged in aligning all CTSI systems with existing and planned enterprise systems.

What kind of information can I access through the CTR Portal?

As of August 1, 2011, the CTR Portal provides a single, secure point of access to:

  • News and information about CTSI and the Portal
  • Links to helpful tools and systems, such as the clinical research unit scheduling system and UMN Profiles
  • Access to create a new project and request CTSI services
  • Access to view and approve invoices for CTSI services
  • A list of your projects included in the CTSI database
Who can access the CTR Portal? How can I access the CTR Portal?

Anyone with a University of Minnesota x.500 (internet ID and password) may log in to the CTR Portal. The information you can access once you log in depends on your role and individual system rights. Access to project information is provided by the Principal Investigator (PI). Download the CTR Portal Access Request Form.

I don't have a University of Minnesota x.500 (internet ID and password). How can I log into the CTR Portal?

If you do not have a University of Minnesota x.500 (internet ID and password). First, go to: If you already have a UMN Guest Account, click "Log In" and you will be directed to the Portal home screen..

If you need to create a UMN Guest account, click "Setup Guest Account," and enter the information requested by the form. You will receive a confirmation email and gain access to the Portal immediately.

I recently updated my x.500 (internet ID and password). Can I still access the CTR Portal?

If you update your x.500 (Internet ID), e-mail CTSI at in order for us to update your CTR Portal login information. Once we’ve updated your login information to reflect your new x.500 ID, you will be able to successfully login to the Portal with your new x.500 in order to access your existing project information.

Which browsers should I use to access the CTR Portal?

The CTSI CTR Portal is designed to work with most web browsers for PCs and Macs. We recommend you always use the current version of browsers to make sure our web pages display quickly, and that you have the latest security updates. If you use older browsers, you might notice that some functions and features you use on the Portal will stop working as we make upgrades to the Portal.

Here is a list of browsers we support and where to get them.

Operating System: Recommended browser
Windows: Microsoft Internet ExplorerMozilla FirefoxApple Safari, or Google Chrome (latest versions)
Mac: Apple SafariMozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome (latest versions)

Browsers we do not support include:

  • Netscape
  • Opera browser (all versions)
  • Firefox 1.x or 2.x on all platforms (we encourage you to upgrade to the latest version)
  • Microsoft IE 6 and earlier for Windows
  • Microsoft IE for MacOS 9 and MacOS X
  • Microsoft WebTV, MSN TV, or MSN TV2
  • Safari 1.2x and below for MacOS X
  • AOL for Mac OS 9 (all versions)
  • All other unlisted browsers

When using the Portal, please use one of the recommended browsers listed in the table above. We do not recommend using customized browsers (for example, AOL customizing Internet Explorer) because you may experience problems accessing the Portal.

CTR Portal features and tools: Frequently asked questions

My Projects

What is the definition of a "project" at CTSI?

A project is an individual research protocol or study. A project may have multiple funding sources or sponsors, and a single funding source or sponsor may fund multiple projects.

What does the "status" of my CTSI project mean?

  • Registered: A project that is registered within the CTR Portal, but isn't currently receiving CTSI services. This includes projects that were registered only, and projects that had requested CTSI services (and the request was possibly accepted) but are no longer pursuing CTSI services.
  • Active: A project that is in process and is currently or was receiving services from CTSI.
  • Project Complete: A project that has met all criteria to be considered finalized and complete.
  • Pre-CTSI: A project that was brought over from the General Clinical Research Center (GCRC) that has been completed, halted, or has not requested CTSI services.

What information is included in a project record?

  • CTSI ID or project number, titles, and abstract or project description
  • CTSI Status
  • Sponsored account information
  • Budgeted hours for CTSI services
  • Other codes and identifiers: Electronic Grants Management System (EGMS); National Institutes of Health (NIH);; Time and Study Collection System (TASCS); Institutional Review Board (IRB)
  • Personnel assigned to the project
  • CTSI service lines used by the project

Why can’t I see a project?

It may be because you are not actively assigned to the project or because the project has not yet been registered within the CTR Portal. If you are not yet assigned to the project, see instructions below.

The title of my study has changed. How do I update that?

If your study is approved by the University of Minnesota IRB, complete the IRB Add/Change/Remove IRB Study Titles form and forward to If the study is IRB-exempt, complete the CTSI Project Update Request Form and forward to

I need to add a staff member to my project. How does a member of my research team gain access to my study in the Portal?

Is your study approved by the University of Minnesota IRB?

The members of my project team have changed; how do I add the new staff to the project in the Portal?

Anyone with active access to a project can request to add individuals to or remove individuals from the project, thereby either adding or restricting access to project information. To modify access to your project, complete the CTR Portal Access Request Form and return the form to or 612-625-2695 (fax). Note, if you are requesting access to the CTSI Scheduling System, the Principal Investigator must initial and sign the form.

My accountant or department administrator needs access to my project information. How do I make that happen?

Complete the CTR Portal Access Request Form and forward to

Request for Services

How do I request services from CTSI?

Log in to the CTR Portal. If you are requesting services for a new project, click the "New Project" button on the Portal home screen. If you are requesting services for an existing project, find your project in your "My Projects" list and select "Request Services."

Several of the questions CTSI asks are the same as those on the University of Minnesota IRB application. Why do I need to answer the same questions twice?

As a recipient of a Clinical and Translational Science Award, CTSI is required to report detailed information about our institutions research activities in an annual progress report to the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

CTSI is also working closely with sponsors of University-wide enterprise systems, such as the Solutions for Integrated Research Compliance initiative, to encourage seamless data sharing among research-related systems.

What if I only want specific services such as biostatistics assistance, clinical procedures, or access to research facilities?

Requests for limited assistance, such as biostatistics or access to space, are processed in an expedited manner. Please register your project and follow the instructions above to request services.

When can a study begin using services?

The PI will receive a letter from the CTSI Administrative Review Committees within ten (10) business days of submission. This correspondence will provide detailed information about next steps and the process for accessing services.

Note: Clinical Research Implementation Services are available after IRB approval is received and a CTSI in-service workshop is completed.

How long does an Administrative Review take to complete?

No more than ten (10) business days.

What does the status of my request mean?

  • Request Services: No requests are currently in process; you may submit a new request for services.
  • Modify/Submit In-Process Request: Access a saved request; modify and/or submit for review to CTSI.
  • View Read Only of Currently In-Review Request: A request is currently being reviewed by CTSI; you may view your request, but may not modify or submit an additional request.

I need to change or update a Request for Services. How can I do this?

If your request status is "Request Services' or "Modify/Submit In-Process Request," you may access your request and make changes, save your progress, or submit completed applications. If your request status is "View Read Only of Currently In-Review Request," please contact the CTSI Research Navigator at 612-626-2318,

Who can I contact for help with the Request for Services system?

Contact the CTSI Research Navigator at 612-626-2318,

Invoice Manager

The Invoice Manager module is used by CTSI and departmental personnel to distribute, review, and approve charges for services provided by CTSI.

How can I review and approve invoices?

Download the User Guide: Invoice Approval or email for help

Why can’t I see or review an invoice?

It may be because you are not actively assigned to the project or because the project hasn't yet been registered within the Clinical Translational Research Portal. For assistance please send a message to CTSI at

I need to change the EFS chart string for my study. How do I request the change?

Members of the research team with invoice approval rights can update chart strings for the study. For assistance please send a message to

Scheduling System

What is the purpose of the Scheduling System?

The Scheduling System facilitates scheduling of research participant visits for studies at the Delaware, Masonic, and Lillehei Clinical Research Units. All visits at these facilities must be scheduled through this web-based system.

When is my study added to the Scheduling System? When can I begin scheduling participant visits in a CTSI facility?

A study is added to the Scheduling System after IRB approval is received AND either: 1) an in- service workshop is held to train CTSI clinical staff members in the conduct of the protocol; or 2) the Clinical Research Implementation Services (CRIS) Manager determines that an in-service is unnecessary. The PI will receive email correspondence regarding this decision.

I have a staff member that needs access to the CTSI Scheduling System. How does that happen?

If you have a copy of the IRB Add/Change/Remove IRB Study Personnel form requesting to add the staff member to the study, please forward the request form and the IRB approval letter to

Or, complete the CTSI Access Request Form and forward to Note, the Principal Investigator must initial and sign the form.

I need technical assistance with the Scheduling System. Who can help me?

Contact Trung Ngo at 612-626-5203 or


The Toolkit provides links to CTSI or University of Minnesota systems and information related to clinical and translational science research, including:

  • Time and Study Collection System (TASCS)
  • University of Minnesota Institutional Review Board
  • UMN Profiles
  • CTSI Scheduling System

CTR Portal forms and user guides 

Visit the Forms and Templates page to download the Access Request Form, Project Update Request Form, and the Invoice Approver User Guide.