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August 25  | 10:30-11:30am  |  Moos 2-520

This seminar for University clinical research professionals will feature presenter Laura Conger, MSc, Operations Manager-Reliance Agreements at the University of Minnesota’s Human Research Protection Program.

Learning objectives:

    • Be able to define what “IRB reliance” means and understand the different types of agreements.
    • Understand which parts of the research process are affected by IRB reliance.
    • Learn the University IRB’s current position regarding IRB reliance and the challenges of building a successful reliance management system.
    • Become familiar with the basic process and forms currently used by the University to facilitate IRB reliance.
    • Know the best way to approach the University's IRB with questions or concerns regarding IRB reliance.

View the live broadcast.

This seminar is part of the bi-weekly Clinical Research Professional Development Series