K to R01 Transition to Independence Program

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 The K to R01 Transition to Independence Program is available to Assistant Professors (in rank ≤ 7 years) conducting clinical or translational research. It provides $50,000 in research funds over two years. Applicants must have an active K award at the time of application.

This program is not currently accepting applications.  

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Program overview
    • $50,000 research funds to be expended over 2 years
    • Assistant Professor (in rank ≤ 7 years), primary mentor and biostatistician
    • Must have active K award (KL2, BIRCWH, K12, CHRCDA K12, Independent K award (K23, K07, etc.)) at the time of application
    • Application due Thursday, May 14, 2015 (12:00pm)
    • Award announced June 2015
    • Start date September 1, 2015
    • Up to three awards will be issued for this RFA
Application details

This program is not currently accepting applications. View application information from the previous cycle:

Nature and purpose
CTSI will provide funds, specialized career development, and dedicated support of senior investigators for K awardees interested in clinical and translational research. The K to R01 Transition to Independence Program is designed to support faculty by providing mentorship, oversight, programming and pilot funds.

This two-year program aims to place junior investigators, who have K awards, further on the path to be competitive for R01 awards.  This RFA will be issued annually.  Success of this program will be judged by the number of awardees who move forward to secure NIH R01 grants, and R01 equivalent funding for clinical and translational research.

Applications from underrepresented populations are strongly encouraged.

Current K to R01 Transition to Independence Scholars
Melena Bellin, MD
Primary Mentor: Antoinette Moran, MD
Project Title: Assessing beta cell loss and islet engraftment after islet autotransplantation

Maneesh Bhargava
, MD
Primary Mentor: Chris H. Wendt, MD
Project Title: Biomarkers to predict outcomes in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Cari Clark
, ScD
Primary Mentor: Mary Jo Kreitzer
Project Title: Impact of Yoga on Violence Survivor's Mental and Cardio Metabolic Health: A Feasibility Study of a Cluster Randomized Trial

Kathryn Cullen
, MD
Primary Mentor: Kelvin O. Lim, MD
Project Title: Intravenous Ketamine in Adolescent Treatment-Resistant Depression: Efficacy and Brain Mechanisms

Paul Drawz
, MD
Primary Mentor: Hassan Ibrahim, MD, MS
Project Title: Treatment of Masked Hypertension

Theresa Laguna
Primary Mentor: Chris Wendt / Toni Moran
Project Title: Biomarkers of Injury and Destruction in the Cystic Fibrosis Lung

Karina Quevedo, PhD
Primary Mentor: Kamil Ugurbil, PhD
Project Title: The neurobiology of Self Appraisals and Social Cognition in Depressed Adolescents

Kristine Talley
Primary Mentor: Jean F. Wyman, PhD, RN, GNP-BC, FAAN, FGSA
Project Title: Preventing Toileting Disability in Frail Older Women

Bryan Williams, MD, PhD
Mentoring Team: David Ingbar, John Hughes
Project Title: The Role of the Arginine Decarboxylase Pathway in CF Lung Disease

Former K to R01 Scholars
Jason Baker, MD, MS
Primary Mentor: James Neaton, PhD
Project Title: The Coagulopathy of HIV Infection

Julie Ostrander
, PhD
Primary Mentor: Douglas Yee, MD
Project Title: PELP1 Localization as a Biomarker for Early Mammary Carcinogenesis and Response to Chemoprevention

Lynda Polgreen, MD, MS
Primary Mentor: Chester Whitley, MD, PhD
Project Title: Cross-Sectional Study of Associations of Osteocalcin with Obesity, Insulin Resistance, Adipokines and Inflammation in the Mucopolysaccharidoses