Advanced Research Program (ARP)

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The Summer Advanced Research Program (ARP) provides research training through a structured core curriculum, mentored research projects, weekly research seminars, and a final presentation of research at the annual CTSI Poster Session with all CTSI-Ed scholars.

With input and oversight by the faculty mentor, the scholars will design a mutually acceptable research-training plan according to his or her career interests and the ongoing research programs of the faculty mentor.

The program is not currently accepting applications. 

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 Program overview
    • Applicants must be doctoral or professional health sciences students (PhD, DDS, DNP, MD, PharmD) with an interest in clinical and translational or health equity research
    • Stipend ~ $560/week for 8-12 weeks during the summer
    • Funding for travel to present at a scientific conference for outstanding projects
    • Applicants from underrepresented populations are strongly encouraged to apply
    • All health sciences students are eligible regardless of citizenship or immigration status
 Application details

The application cycle is now closed. 

View the RFA from the previous application cycle  |  Download the Mentor/Mentee Compact

 2014 ARP Scholars

Erin Casey, Institute of Child Development
Mentor: Rebecca Shlafer
Project title: Understanding Extended Visitation in Minnesota's Women's Prison

Dorothy Curran, Medical School
Mentor: Michele Allen

Benjamin Eidenschink, Medical School
Mentor: Julia Davydova
Project title: CRaD vector delivery of NIS-Mediated Radioiodine

Elizabeth Jarrett, Medical School
Mentor: Iris Borowsky

Brett Kistner, College of Pharmacy
Mentor: Angela K. Birnbaum
Project title: The Clinical Significance of Anti-Epilepsy Concentration Fluctuations & Co-Medication Type on Outcome Measures in Elderly Nursing Home Residents

Gregory Laffen, College of Pharmacy
Mentor: Robert J. Straka

David Matson, Medical School
Mentor: David W. Polly
Project title: Effect of osteoporotic vertebral compression fracture

Benjamin Otopalik, Medical School
Mentor: Kelvin Lim
Project title: Transcranial direct current stimulation as a novel therapy for medication

Kinjal Sanghavi, College of Pharmacy
Mentor: Pamala Jacobson
Project title: Genetically guided dosing of tacrolimus in kidney transplant recipients

Robert Sjoholm, Medical School
Mentor: John Song
Project title: Respite Care: Effects on the Perceived Health and Health Care Utilization

2013 ARP Scholars
Racheal Harlos
Mentor: Susan Everson-Rose
Project Title: Factors mediating depression and cardiovascular disease risk in middle-aged woman by race

Ashley Hasti
Mentor: Mindy Kurzer
Project Title: Green Tea and Reduction of Breast Cancer Risk

Sarah Hoffman
Mentor: Cheryl Roberston
Project Title: Karen Refugees: Health Correlates of Trauma Exposure

Angela Jeong
Mentor: Ling Li
Project Title: Prenylated proteins as therapeutic targets for Alzheimer’s Disease

G. Mauricio Mejia Ramirez
Mentor: Simone French
Project Title: Evaluation of visual information for childhood obesity prevention in Latino Americans

Malek Okour
Mentor: Richard Brundage
Project Title: Correlations between biomarkers and therapeutic outcomes: Application to mycophenolic acid and kidney transplantation

Rebecca Pulk
Mentor: Pamala Jacobson
Project Title: Effect of the POR*28 variant on tacrolimus troughs in kidney transplant recipients

Youssef Roman
Mentor: Robert Straka
Project Title: Analysis of single nucleotides polymorphisms (SNPs) in Hmong population and hyperuricemia

David Satzer
Mentor: Aviva Abosch
Project Title: Relationship between deep-brain stimulation electrode location and electrical current delivery

Dane Schaleben-Boateng
Mentor: Michele Allen
Project Title: Promoting educator‐student connectedness and positive youth development in Latino, Somali and Hmong youth

Joyce Trost
Mentor: Teresa Kimberley
Project Title: Electromyography impairment in patients with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Anthony Wiseman
Mentor: Pamela Jacobson
Project Title: Relationship between clinical outcomes and pharmacokinetic measures, activity measurements and genotypes in patients receiving RIC HCT

2012 ARP Scholars

Elizabeth Aby
Mentor: Jerrold Vitek
Project Title: Clinical Assessment of the Reliability and Feasibility of ParkinTune in Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) Programming

Gina Danielson
Mentor: L'Aurelle Johnson
Project Title: The Effect of Obesity and Development on Hepatic Drug Metabolism

Alicia Gunterus
Mentor: Jatinder Lamba
Project Title: The Effect of CD20 Polymorphism on Rituximab Response in CLL Patients

Krista Johnson
Mentor: James Cloyd
Project Title: A study comparing blood and plasma assay methods for measurement of topiramate concentrations
Suresh Kumar Agarwal
Mentor: James Cloyd
Project Title: A Meta-Analysis of the Absorption Characteristics of Diazepam Following Alternative Routes of Administration for Acute Repetitive Seizures

Susan Lee
Mentor: Ruby Nguyen
Project Title: Comparing Diagnostics of OB Ultrasounds in Obese Minority Women

Craig Meyer
Mentor: Pamela Schreiner
Project Title: Self-reported depression and discrimination and brain tissue volume

Sara Moran
Mentor: Mark Kirstein
Project Title: Oxaliplatin and OSI-906 in the Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer

Adam Nelson
Mentor: Pamela Jacobson
Project Title: The Pharmacogenetics that Effect Mycophenolate Pharmacokinetics

Sarah Parker
Mentor: Bruce Blazar
Project Title: Characterization of Distinct iPS Cells for Potential Therapy in Hurler Syndrome

LeeAnna Pederson
Mentor: Robert Straka
Project Title: Consideration of Genetic Variations of UGT2B7 and APOE Genes Within the Pharmacogenomics for Hypertriglyceridemia in Hispanics Trial

Gina Piscitello
Mentor: Susan Everson-Rose
Project Title: How psychosocial stressors such as hostility, anxiety, anger, discrimination, and depression differ in the way they affect progression of paw and adiposity in African-American women versus non-Hispanic Caucasian women

Casey Sautter
Mentor: Chandy John
Project Title: Health Problems of International Adoptees

Faduma Sharif
Mentor: Kola Okuyemi
Project Title: Factors that Contributed to High Retention Rate in Quit Smoking Study in Homeless Population

Liz Yang
Mentor: Mark Kirstein
Project Title: Administration Sequence of OSI-906 and Gemcitabine in Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer